Thursday, February 02, 2006

Always Wear a Hat

"I didn't realize babies come with hats. You guys crack me up. You don't have jobs, you can't walk or speak the language, you don't have a dollar in your pockets, but you've got yourselves a hat. So everything's fine." - Toby Ziegler

My story didn't run. I am going to assume that it will run tomorrow or at least by Monday. I'm going to call the reporter if it doesn't run by then.

So I will use this time to catch up. For Christmas, I made hats and scarves, but mostly hats. I became obsessed with hats. I made baby hats, I made hats with earflaps, I made hats out of dk weight and out of two strands of chunky yarn put together with big fat needles. I was cranking them out every couple of days.

I have left the hats for socks. I made some with the leftover dk wieght acrylic that I made a hat for my cousin's three-year-old. They were great, but I made them too big and wore them with shoes, so one of them has a big hole. I may just throw them out, the yarn was cheap, and it's about the process. They were more fun to make than to wear. I also made some with Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn, using the pattern on the strip that holds the skein together. I love them. I will get a picture of them soon. Now I am making a pair of toe-up socks out of this handspun alpaca/angora yarn I got at the Virginia Renaissance Faire last summer. They are going to be gorgeous, but they're being knitted on size 00 needles. I hope I get them done before the Olympics.

I participated in the Leadership Empowerment Advocacy Project(LEAP) in December. I had a wonderful time, learned a lot about leading in the Public Mental Health System(PMHS), and met some cool people. One of them is my new friend Miriam, who runs the Silver Spring Drop-In Center. I have been hanging out there.

On the last day we were asked what two things we'd change about the PMHS in Maryland and our communities. Mine were affordable housing(which I have covered in length) and GLBT mental health services. I have been volunteered to do something about the second. I am actually quite excited about putting something together. Miriam has already offered the drop-in center as a venue. I just need to learn what I am doing. Susan Kadis, the LEAP coordinator, has been incredibly supportive of this goal and has connected me with some people in Baltimore who offer the services that I'd like to see here in Montgomery County.

To that end, I leave you fine people and wait for my check to come in tomorrow...


Anonymous Six Things said...

I demand striped socks and a bee sweater for Sophie. We shall overcome. ps. The striped socks are for me.

12:57 PM  

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