Saturday, February 18, 2006

Words, Words, Words, Words, Words

Abby: ... I mean, women talk about their husbands overshadowing their careers. Mine got eaten.
C.J.: Your husband got eaten?
Abby: My career...
C.J.: I know, I was on dangling modifier patrol.

The olympics are on, people are going for the gold, and I am way ahead of schedule on my project. I added a bit of a fair isle wave to raise the level of difficulty. I have the attached pouch left to do, I've started on it. Of course, as that adorable Lindsey Jacobellis found out today, it's not over until you reach the finish line. I still have to felt the thing. I have never felted anything in my life. I run the risk of ruining the entire project.

Not that I find it likely that I will ruin it. I read up on felting and I'm felting two yarns of the same brand that are the same type of color. They should felt just fine. I'm using the same brand and weight as the pattern calls for. I should be fine. Really. Even if I grab the board in midair.

The Article came out Monday. All in all, it wasn't a bad picture, nor was it a terrible article. I have some issues with it. Susan Levine did a wonderful job of illustrating just how badly we need our medications. She stressed how important our medications are, and how important particular medications are. I think she was trying to emphasize that psychiatric meds can't be swapped out for cheaper alternatives. I know that's where she was going when she listed mine.

Unfortunately, I think she missed. She made us look more fragile than we are, and I don't think she effectively made the connection between how badly we need our meds and why Medicare part D isn't working. Of course, I am coming from the standpoint of being upset that my medications were so expensive when I went to the pharmacy. She didn't even mentioned that. Well, not in my case.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I envisioned. And I really can't blame anyone for that, I didn't write the article. The pic wasn't great, it wasn't terrible, it just was. It was my fifteen minutes and now it's over. There.


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